Three Card Poker

As one of the loved poker games, three card poker is also one of the simplest forms of poker and can be dated right back to the 16th century. Its modern casino version was formulated much more recently, only back in 1994.


It has been a great success in casinos as it’s simple, fast, has the potential for good returns for a player, but also a good house edge to make a three card table profitable for the casino.

As with most table games these days, three card poker (or very close adaptation) can be played online either in virtual poker rooms with several players, or as a video poker game played solely against a virtual dealer.

Simple Rules

The basics of three card poker are very simple. Both the dealer and each player are dealt three cards, which are not seen by anyone else at the table. Before each hand, each player places a starting or ante bet. Once the cards have been dealt, the player can either fold, so losing the ante bet, or choose to play by placing another bet equal to the ante.

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At this stage, the dealer’s cards are examined: if the hand is at least a queen high, the dealer plays on, and each player’s hand is compared to the dealer’s, winning or losing both the ante and play bets according to usual poker rules. If the dealer’s hand is less than queen high, then the game is over, and the ante bet is paid out 1:1 with no action on the play bet.

This simple formula makes 3 card poker a fast paced, fun game ideally suited to online gaming or casino beginners.