Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker

The ‘Bonus’ variant of Texas Hold’Em poker is based squarely on conventional multi-player Texas Hold’Em, in that each player (and the dealer) get two cards in the hole, and then another five community cards are dealt from which the final hand can be made up.


The main difference for the Bonus variant is that no bet is placed after the final ‘window’ card – known as the river card – is dealt. The bonus part of the name refers to a bet placed on the initial two hole cards before they’re dealt – if the player has a pair, or an ace and a picture card, then this bonus bet is won regardless of the final outcome of the hand, and paid out according to the pay table for that casino.

Rushmore Casino BannerThe rules of Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker are fairly easy to learn, but that’s only half the battle – a consistently successful strategy for this game is hard to come by, and this is part of what makes it so unpredictable, exciting, and popular. Luckily, this table game is widely available online to play for free, giving aspiring Hold’Em Bonus poker masters the chance to hone their skills with no risk.

The main rules of this game are known as the Las Vegas rules, although there is also a set of rules with minor changes to the ante bet known as the Atlantic City rules.