Poker Players and Lovers was started by me, Dave Bradley, to try and give some solid information about the great game that is poker. Whether played online, at home with a group of friends, or at a table in a swish casino. The site is also for poker players and lovers!

Dave Bradley

I’ve been a huge poker fan for most of my adult life (longer than I’d like to say, really), but living in rural England I’ve often found it difficult to find enough like-minded friends to set up an informal game, and the distance to the nearest reputable casino means I can’t go half as often as I’d like.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to see poker online: this was made for people like me who found playing in the real world a real hassle to pull off. I could now play any time I wanted, with any game I wanted, either alone or with people from across the planet!

Of course, there is a downside, which is why I’ve set this site up. As more and more big businesses caught on to how much money could be screwed out of unwary players, the amount of scams and dubious card rooms on the net spread like wildfire.

As an experienced poker player who has a day job in new media, I can spot the less reputable operators a mile off, and by building this site I hope to provide valuable, solid information to people with just as much interest in poker as me, but maybe not as much experience. Hopefully I can help them avoid having their fingers burned by the sometimes murky world of online gaming.

Not only that, but I just like writing about poker nearly as much as I like playing it, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this site too, whether you’re just starting out as a poker player or are a seasoned pro.

All the Best,

Dave in rural Derbyshire, England.