Multi-Hand 3 Card Poker Gold

Multi-Hand 3 Card Poker Gold is a poker variant of the basic three card poker game, with the crucial difference that each player can play with up to five separate hands at a time. Although a player cannot switch cards between each hand – nor, usually, view all hands at the same time – there is still a great advantage to the capable player in this more advanced version of the game.


Grand Fortune Casino BannerLike all versions of poker, a successful player needs to rely on more than simple luck. An awareness of the probabilities of achieving each type of hand is essential, which is why games like Texas Hold’Em are so popular: the player can see more cards than their own hand, and so has more information to base their decisions on. Multi-Hand 3 Card Poker Gold applies this to the much simpler 3 card game.

As the player is in essence playing as five different people, although with one bankroll and one strategic awareness, they can see five times as much information with which to decide how to play their hands. This greater awareness of the card distributions can, for example, allow a player to see that the dealer cannot possibly have the right cards to beat a good combination held in a certain one of the player’s five hands.

While this obviously increases the chances of a skilled player winning the game, there is also the downside that an unskilled player has the chance to make five times as many mistakes and lose five times the money, so this is absolutely a potentially profitable game for those confident in their poker ability.