Live Texas Hold’Em Poker

The various Hold’Em versions of poker are probably the most popular played today, both in casinos and online, and the undisputed king of this game style is live Texas Hold’Em poker. Although this version of the community card game can be traced back to the early 1900s, it was in the early 21st century that it really took off. This can be put down to a combination of the game being widely featured on TV (both in tournaments and in fictional settings), in several high profile movies, and last but certainly not least the arrival of the internet and online gaming. It is widely recognised as one of the most exciting, fast, and skilful variants of all poker games.

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The relative simplicity, speed and excitement of live Texas Hold’Em poker makes it an ideal form of poker to be played online, and its surge in online popularity has lead it to mainly replace 7-card stud as the most widespread real life casino game as well. The main distinguishing feature of live Texas Hold’Em poker is that each player is dealt two cards ‘in the hole’ which can be seen only by that player, who then can use the five available community or window cards to complete their hand.

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Online players have the choice of playing for free in many online casinos, with virtual wagers, winnings, and losses, but after becoming familiar with the game can progress to full online gaming with high or low stakes. There are usually thousands of players online at any one time, so it’s never hard to get a game, whether playing for free or for real stakes.

Live online Hold’Em games provide a fairly easy route into online poker playing, and as well as being fun they can also serve as an entry point into smaller real life or virtual tournaments, and ultimately into the professional poker circuit for those who find the Hold’Em combination of speed, psychology and prediction a successful match to their playing style.