Draw Poker

This is one of the well-known poker variants that most people learn first, usually starting with the classic five card draw game which is hugely popular for home playing but is nowadays less widespread in casino play.

Draw Poker

In general, draw poker is any type of poker where the players receive a full hand at the start of the game, and then seek to improve it in further rounds by drawing (replacing) cards in the hope of developing the hand into a winning one.

7SultansCasinoSome popular (and some more esoteric) versions of draw poker include:

– Standard 5-Card Draw

Lowball (with Kansas City and California variants)

– Badugi and Baduci

– Four Before

…and many more.

Draw Poker Popularity

Five-Card Draw poker is among the oldest kinds of poker that’s still played, and if you’ve seen poker being played in films then the chances are it was this type of poker or a close relation. Widely played in home card schools, it is less popular in casinos and online. This may be simply because other variants such as Texas Hold’em are more fashionable or exciting, but it’s also probably got a lot to do with economics: each game of draw poker tends to last longer than other more fast-paced variants, and that means less games played and so less opportunity for profit for the casino operator.

That said, the Word Series of Poker always includes at least one variant of draw poker in each year’s event, which is a sign of how popular it remains among dedicated poker players.