Community Card Poker

Community card poker is possibly the most popular class of poker there is today, at least online and in casinos, containing as it does the wildly successful Texas Hold’em game.


Casino Las Vegas BannerA community card game is any version of poker where each player is dealt an incomplete hand, while the remaining cards are dealt face-up into the centre of the table to be shared among all players. A combination combination of private (or ‘hole’) cards and community cards (or shared cardsor window cards) is then used to make the final hand for each player.

Different variations of community card poker games have different rules and limits on how many community cards can or must be used. For example, in Texas Hold’Em Poker, a final hand is made up out of two privately held cards and a choice from the five community cards – visit to play it online. In contrast, in Omaha Hold’Em a five card combination must be made up out of two of the four dealt cards, and three out of the five available community cards.

This combination of uniquely held and shared cards makes for some interesting situations as players try to calculate the odds of their hand being the best on the table by taking into account the cards they already know have been dealt.

Popular variations of Community Card Poker include:

– Texas Hold’Em – probably the most famous and widely played version of community card poker, or indeed any poker

– Double Hold’Em (play now in online casinos – the best online casinos guide in canada in 2017)

– Irish Poker

‘Home’games such as London Bridge, Lame-Brain Pete, and Iron Cross